I know a few great young ladies.

Lainey, Lucy, MC, and Claire—each girl spunky in her own right. This week I’m flying west to catch up with Paige, one of my favorite people on planet earth. She is a firecracker, full of creativity and life. I’ve been thinking about her (and decorating her room).

Here’s my attempt at summing Paige up in print and picture.

"And though she be but little, She is Fierce" from I Screen, You Screen

P + N


Look at that fierceness. It seems she’s rubbing off on her baby sister.

I’ve been thinking about her gobs as I can not wait to scoop that child up and squeeze her.

She has an outrageous sense of style. She loves pink. She has no lack of confidence. She is sure and I adore that about her.

Already she knows who she is. Those of us who know her will just have to wait to see what she becomes.

Do you suppose she's a wildflower.

Perhaps she is a wildflower….


I hope that regardless she will be brave.

Be Brave and Kind.

And that she will be a light. Be a light to the world. by Katie Daisy

Although I think she has no choice. 


Today’s featured art is from I Screen You ScreenKatie Daisy, and Silver Tree Art. Please check out their Etsy stores and support their work! All of these pictures are from the instagram account of Paige’s mom. And you can support her with  prayer.