Obsessed. I’m officially obsessed with white. It’s nearly clinical.

This is not new information. For the Bradford project, we whitewashed the master bath floors.

Master Bath Whitewashed Floor: Gather & Build


It was trial and error—we sanded the first attempt away and felt better about the second attempt. Whitewashing can be tricky. I wasn’t so sure about the results but decided to live with it and it has grown on me. There are some new techniques and products for white washing and I can’t lie, I’ve considered whitewashing the floors at Eastwood.

Imagine this space, painted white with whitewashed floors. Do you like that idea?

If you could also pretend that this photo wasn’t taken on one of the zillion rainy/overcast days we’ve had this summer that would be great—a little sunshine to brighten things up.

Eastwood Project: Gather & Build


The verdict is out but here’s some inspiration:

Whitewashed Wood FloorMarjon Hoogervorst

Wide Plank Whitewashed by DinesenDinesen

Whitewashed pine wood floorsI Heart Pine

Whitewashed wood floorsla maison d’ anna g

Whitewashed Oak FloorsPlastolux

White Washed FloorJennifer Banes

To tell the truth, I wonder if whitewashing the floors will turn people off? Some lucky body will live in this house—if we do it right maybe they won’t be able to resist whitewash? Sometimes you have to show people what they like and maybe this is one of those times. What to do, what to do…

Thanks for reading—you all are loyal.