The Eastwood house is packed with porches.
Eastwood Project by Gather and Build

It’s situated on a hill and faces eastward. There is something about the view that makes me feel as if I’m not in Nashville when I’m inside, much less tucked in a side street between the bustle of 12th South and Belmont Boulevard. Somehow it feels “other.” I can’t explain it but everyone who walks inside understands this and inevitably says, “The view… I don’t feel like I’m in Nashville.”  

Here’s a picture Brad snapped from the one of the living room windows earlier this summer.

Eastwood View

This morning I was up before the sun. While I was out the sun decided to join me so I ran over to Eastwood because I’ve been wondering what sunrise is like from the front porch. Here’s the view from my seat on the top step at 6:40 a.m. 

Nashville Sunrise from Eastwood Avenue I sincerely hope that a morning person gets this house.

It would be a shame to miss this every day.