Every Day I'm Hustling PillowThis is how it goes when you build a house: crawl, crawl, crawl, run, run, run. The beginning is exciting with framing and structure. The middle is just “blah” as the changes aren’t always obvious but the final stages are loaded with bang for the buck—tile, paint, stain, countertops, lighting, appliances. Everything comes in one huge dose at the end. And you find yourself hustling. Seriously hustling. We are nearing the end of construction. Every day I’m hustling. (The pillow is the work of Michelle Dwight Designs and is available via Etsy.)

But the end, well, that’s where the details manage to both stand out and work together, telling the story of what we envisioned from the beginning.

Tile is one of my favorite textures in a house so, of course, I use it in large doses where and when appropriate.

Mission Stone Tile is my go-to for tile. Thank you Amber, for being most gracious and so good with details! I met with Amber and told her I wanted to work stripes into the downstairs shower. We pulled a lot of options but in the end I felt that the simplicity of subway tile would best accomplish the feeling I wanted for the space.

Here’s a shot mid-installation (without grout).

photo (24)

I’ve scoured the world wide web for inspiration and here’s the thing about stripes: you can dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, depending on the tile. Stripes work in bold applications and just as nicely in neutral and subtle applications. Take a look at these beautiful spaces—you’ll be seeing stripes in no time!

Gray and White Striped Shower Tile

Lizz Caan

Striped Shower Tile, Lulu Design

Lulu Designs

Striped Shower WallsNew York

Striped BathroomButler Armsden

Contemporary Bath w Green and White Stripe TileAnthony Wilder

Eclectic Striped Bathroom Tile Green Belt Homes

Striped Tile in Shower by Divine KitchensDivine Kitchens

Striped Bathroom Tile Houzz

Sarah Richardson Design Striped Shower Tile

Sarah Richardson Design

Penny round tile is an affordable option. It’s able to be both whimsical and classic. While it’s used as an accent here, I would love to see it in a stripe application.

Penny Round Stripe in BathroomHarry Braswell

Thanks for reading, friends.

I do hope life is treating you kindly.