Winter is winning.

Everything is looking oh-so-dreary, typical winter stuff. But everybody’s in it together, right? We’re all cold. From sea to shining sea we are frigid.

I can handle the cold but what’s sending me over the edge is all this static electricity. If I could banish two things from my life right now, hands down I’d pick static electricity and dry skin. Dry skin and enough static electricity to start a fire are the worst of my problems right now and for that, I am very, very grateful. Things could be much worse. 

Each and every year winter makes me long for spring. In the meantime, I’d settle for something green. Anything green. If everything around you is looking dead, just add green. It’ll bring things to life.

Here are a few images with enough green to make me happy—keeping me hopeful that spring in all its green is just around the corner.

Green Curtains, Reese Witherspoon Ojai Home

House Beautiful

Green Kitchen Cabinets


Caitlin and Caitlin LoftCaitlin and Caitlin

Designed for LifeDesigned for Life

Meanwhile, I’m starting to relate with this kid. So funny!

Stay warm friends!