This post is way more story-of-my-life, personal stuff so if you only come here for pictures I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

It’s been a weird week in the nicest way.

Images from the Refresh magazine shoot surfaced on Better Homes and Gardens this week. Here’s a link and a few of my favorite pictures taken by Jeff Herr, who is an absolutely fabulous photographer.
bradford bathroom bhg

bradford bathroom

Bradford Dining Room BHG

June on Porch BHGSide note: It’s weird when someone else styles your house. There’s more stuff in the photos than in my normal day-to-day house but I learned a lot about styling photos, anchoring spaces with color, etc—such a good experience.

A few weeks back I got an invite from HGTV to pitch a few of my favorite projects to their design team. Seriously,is this real? It’s real.

I called my friend Rich and he willingly came over and snagged a few shots of the details at Eastwood—it’s hard to shoot an unfinished unfurnished space but he made it shine. I’m so grateful.

rich k photo // eastwood house

My weekend revolved around multiple trips to FedEx Office and my dining room turned into a workroom. Must build some studio space. 


Which led to these boards. I think Rich captured the house beautifully, particularly since we could only shoot certain angles.


Micah shot the Bradford project for me a year or so ago. His shots are gorgeous, too.

Bradford Avenue Pitch // Gather & Build

I very much feel like God gathered up all the talented, loyal, generous people and said, Here you go. These will be your people. They will help you. You will help them. And I’ll shine through in your work and everything you do. Except when you throw fits. 

Let it be. Let it be.

The meeting went very well. I’m excited about being part of their professional network—more info to come as I learn more about it.

In the midst of getting ready to meet with HGTV, I got an email from a casting agent regarding this show (which has absolutely nothing to do with HGTV):

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.10.07 AM

 I mean, what? 


But then I was like, we (me and my fave contractor) should apply. For kicks.

We applied. They emailed. They called. They wanted us to move forward. It was flattering until they said, “You have to leave on March 26 for six weeks and go to an undisclosed location and live with the people you compete against.” Suddenly this felt more like Big Brother than Property Brothers.

Pass. For a lot of good, solid reasons this is not the right fit at the not right time. Maybe something else another time?

Lest it seem glamorous or ridiculous or just too perfect…

In the midst of all this a pipe in my basement burst—nothing like an inch of water in your laundry room to put an HGTV pitch and a casting call in perspective. And, @patsyandjune had to have a “paw wash” like every. single. time. they. went. outside.

Patsy's Paws

Happy Friday, y’all.