A fraction of me has always wanted to live in Chicago.

That city is dear to me for many reasons and when I’m there I feel a peculiar fondness that resembles the feeling of being at home, of belonging. If I weren’t in Nashville,  perhaps I’d be Chicago-bound. If so, I’d head straight for Lincoln Park and reinvent myself on its tree-lined streets.

Since this is all hypothetical, let’s also pretend that I have unlimited funds and I’m can afford the most perfect place to live ever. Great.

I’d be hard pressed to find something more perfect than David Karp’s Brooklyn loft. It’s the beautiful work of NYC firm, Gachot, and there’s nothing about it I don’t appreciate. Very much.

So, what I’m saying is I’ll take this Brooklyn loft in Chicago. Thanks.

Take a look.

Karp Tumblr Kitchen

Karp Tumblr Living

Karp Tumblr Master Bedroom

Karp Tumblr Master Bedroom 2

Karp Tumblr Master Bath

(Photos via Gochet)

Let’s make a list of everything we like about this.

The floors. The brick. The lighting. The steel walls. The brass fixtures. The subtle “chicken wire” glass in the kitchen cabinets. The penny round tile + clawfoot tub. The light. The light. The light. This could go on and on.

Have a lovely day,