Oh, friends.

It’s November.  I know that you know. But let me just tell you that sometimes I’m like, What? It’s November. 

And that means, if I’m remembering correctly, that December is right around the corner.

LifeWay Women asked me to write a quick Christmas gift-giving post for their blog. It went live today. I hope you’ll jump over for a few gift-giving ideas.

Here’s a sneak peek. (Links are on their blog.)

gift guide for gals

Gift Guide for Hosts Hostesses

And, just to catch you up on things.

  1. I moved. My sister is now the happy (oh-so-happy) resident-in-chief at The Bradford House.
  2. I moved into The Eastwood House. All I can say is never-say-never. I mean, I never planned to live there. But I am. Because it’s the right thing to do for this season. We make our plans and God arranges our steps. I’ll just be over here, in my corner of the world, eating my words and proving that the Bible, particularly Proverbs 16:9, is true.
  3. I met a guy.
  4. We’re getting a dog. Actually, we’re getting a dog today. As in, at the end of this work day. A goldendoodle. His name is Jeff. Jeff is the dog. Not the guy.

Surely this explains why I haven’t written a blog post in a while….