I moved into the Eastwood House—last September to be exact. Get this: The walls are still bare. I’ve got my reasons.

  1. My style evolved. 
  2. There are so many windows—I have little wall space so I must choose what I want wisely.
  3. It’s so peaceful, all this white. I don’t want to clutter it up.
  4. I’ve waited until I decided on curtains—they will frame the room and the art should balance not bunch the room. You get me?
  5. I wanted to find a few new pieces.

I recently discovered a few artists who sell their work on Etsy.  I’m pretty much obsessed with these ladies. Their prints are two things I love: interesting and affordable—not to mention quite beautiful.

Meet Lisa Golightly.

Etsy Artist Lisa Golightly All In a RowAll In A Row

Lisa Golightly, Team VictoryTeam Victory

Lisa Golightly, Smile and WaveSmile and Wave

Lisa Golightly, Team SpiritTeam Spirit

Lisa Golightly, From Up High 2From Up High 2

Lisa Golightly, Flotation DeviceFlotation Device

Lisa Golightly, The Party Guests
The Party Guests

There are many, many more where these came from. Head to her Etsy Shop, Kiki and Polly. Much of her work reminds me of my childhood—dear relationships and slivers of time that are long gone yet still very much a part of me. I am drawn to her work for this very reason. Double Dutch and From Up High remind me of my sister. Pink Bather brings back memories of my mom, the unofficial queen of sunbathing. True story: My mom kept two versions of a plastic folding chaise (think K-Mart). One covered in an old quilt for comfort’s sake. The other with a hole strategically cut from the center panel so that at 7 and 8 months pregnant, she could indeed get an even tan. I remember playing in the backyard and seeing her belly, full of life, grazing the grass yard under her lawn chair while her back soaked up a share of vitamin D. Thirty years later my sister is equally fond of the sun, tans easily, and never burns. It happened to her in utero. 

Now, can I introduce you to Clare Elsaesser?

Etsy Art Clare ElsaesserSo Much.

Etsy Art from Clare Elsaesser Sweet DreamsSweet Dreams.

Etsy Art Clare ElsaesserBird In Hand.

Etsy Art Clare Elsaesser Pillow LandPillow Land.

Etsy Art from Clare Elsaesser youre nextYou’re Next.

Etsy Art by Clare ElsaesserArrangement.

Etsy Art Clare Elsaesser NovemberNovember.

Etsy Art by Clare Elsaesser Spring DressSpring Dress.

How have I decorated a single wall without her? All of it—everything she does—makes so much sense to me. Now, please excuse me while I place my order for her print, So Much. It sums up how I feel about flowers and people and life—gather up, squeeze when you hug, keep it beautiful.

Since many of these prints are standard sizes, you can frame them inexpensively with wall frames from Target. I chose this wood frame and this wooden box frame—quite affordable—for my prints.  I’m a fan of West Elm Gallery Frames, too. Good luck picking just one!



All images are the work of the specified artist. Please credit them as you pin and share images.