Do you ever find yourself staring at some corner of your house (or a table, bookshelf, a nook or cranny) thinking it needs something?
Me, too. All the time.

I often look at nooks and crannies of my house and think, you need some life—a living green thing. House plants have a way of softening spaces, proving that bookshelves and countertops hold more than lifeless stuff.

I love house plants—I’m into small, manageable plants.

The reign of succulents as the easiest plant in the world to grow continues. I know this is true because mine are still alive. Last spring I bought three plants in hopes that they would make it and I could then expand my “garden”.


I found these at Trader Joe’s. They were far more affordable than any others I’d stumbled upon. I deem them affordable because they were larger than some I’d seen at Home Depot and they came in a tin pot which saved me the expense of buying pots for plants I wasn’t sure I could grow.

Tray of Succulents

After a month under my care, they survived. I added to my collection and have continued to do so. Over the summer my succulent population has grown, I’m teetering on the edge of crazy plant lady territory.

Now that I’ve got one summer of succulents under my belt, I am willing to invest in a few planters. I’ve been searching here and there, mostly online, for small planters.

Here are some of my favorites.

Marble Concrete PlantersSORT London

Cement Plant PotMica Rica

Geometric Concrete Planter
Concrete Planter : Square planter : Round Planter : Geometric PlanterOK Concrete

Succulent Planter by RossLab

Ceramic PlantersBarruntando

Succulent Planter with Pink Glaze



Geometric Planters : Modern Planters : Succulent PlantersMelissa Maya Pottery

Herringbone Square PlanterElizabeth Bonetti

Clay Succulent PlanterMelabo

Striped Mini Succulent Planter

Concrete Succulent PlantersUC Design

Copper Dipped Small Cement Pot : Succulent PotSORT

Ridged Zinc PotAnthropologie

I’m not sure exactly where I’d put a hanging planter in my home—I have one nook that might work—but if I decide to go for it, here are my first choices.

Hanging Planter Olis CupboardOlisCupboard


Hanging Planter ebonotti
Elizabeth Bonetti Handmade Ceramics

Ceramic Hanging Planterle collecte

Porcelain Hanging PlanterHang with Me Ceramics

For larger indoor plants, here are a few that caught my eye.

Banded Rattan Plant BowlTerrain

Wood Egg Pot for Plants from TerrainTerrain

Arches Terracotta PotTerrain

Dark Blue Ceramic Rivage Pot Home Depot

Home Depot

If you’ve failed at succulents, try again.

My best advice is give them what we would consider a near death experience. As in, do not water them.

When you walk past the succulent in your home—the one you’re going to try again with—and you gasp wondering when you last watered it, in that moment give it a tablespoon of water. Seriously. If you think you’re killing it, it will probably live. Remind yourself that this domesticated plant was actually born for deserts. Just go ahead and feel fine about your neglect.

Funny Succulent Planter
Karen Lorenc

For better advice than mine, I like this article from Gardenista: 9 Secrets to Growing Succulents Indoors. They offer solid advice on how to choose succulents and keep them alive and thriving.

What’s your best advice for growing house plants? And, have you seen any great planters lately?

Tell us!