Eastwood Guest Bedroom

The 12South Tour of Homes is today!

Aside from the obvious, that means I spent yesterday frantically cleaning my house. Typically when I’m overwhelmed I do the thing that needs to be done least but seems most accomplishable.  That would explain why earlier this week I decided to repot all my house plants rather than hang things on the walls that have been leaning against the walls for two years. How does that happen? How does time pass so quickly while your artwork just leans against your walls?

The tour runs from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. You’ll find seven unique homes, each with their own spirit and personality. You’ll also find an amazing backyard garden that blew my mind.

If you’re in the neighborhood stop by, I’d love to see you. And then take yourself down the street to Jeni’s Ice Cream or Las Paletas. Because 75 and sunny—which means it will be a wonderful day.