Christmas Gift Giving Guide

Oh, friends.

It’s November.  I know that you know. But let me just tell you that sometimes I’m like, What? It’s November. 

And that means, if I’m remembering correctly, that December is right around the corner.

LifeWay Women asked me to write a quick Christmas gift-giving post for their blog. It went live today. I hope you’ll jump over for a few gift-giving ideas.

Here’s a sneak peek. (Links are on their blog.)

gift guide for gals

Gift Guide for Hosts Hostesses

And, just to catch you up on things.

  1. I moved. My sister is now the happy (oh-so-happy) resident-in-chief at The Bradford House.
  2. I moved into The Eastwood House. All I can say is never-say-never. I mean, I never planned to live there. But I am. Because it’s the right thing to do for this season. We make our plans and God arranges our steps. I’ll just be over here, in my corner of the world, eating my words and proving that the Bible, particularly Proverbs 16:9, is true.
  3. I met a guy.
  4. We’re getting a dog. Actually, we’re getting a dog today. As in, at the end of this work day. A goldendoodle. His name is Jeff. Jeff is the dog. Not the guy.

Surely this explains why I haven’t written a blog post in a while….



Eastwood Project: House Tour

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort—at least, that’s what Jane Austen says. I’ll agree with Jane on this one, especially in the case of the Eastwood house. There’s a great deal of comfort to be found here and a considerable amount of care.

Here’s the final product; this is your room-by-room tour. I really hope you like it as much as I do. I’m so happy to share it with you!

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Brad (Skipper) and I met a few times to come up with the concept for Eastwood and quickly pulled Brad Northcut, a terrific architect and great neighbor, in on the project. Northcut took our ideas and breathed life into them—turned our sketches into plans.

I am a fool for little details and so I took those plans and tried to add “little things” that would both “make sense” and add character without trying too hard. You know what’s worse than nothing special? I’ll tell you: too much special. 

There’s a hand-painted tile mat at the front door. 2117_living_6

From the front door, there’s an open-concept living and dining space with so much natural light. Never skimp on windows, y’all. 

2117_living_1Living Ceiling details and Barn Light Electric lighting.



From the dining space, built in cabinets wired for TV and music. Speakers run through the downstairs entertaining space and on the front and back porches. Music and natural light—you need both of those to be truly happy in a space. And maybe a dog—yes, I’d say you’ll need a dog if you live here.

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

White Living Room


I’m pleased with the kitchen—I could cook a hundred meals here without a single complaint. I love the way the base cabinets turned out, such a nice anchor to tile walls and white space. And, my dear friend Dave at Community Tables built a lovely table for the banquet area. I wanted something with casters that could easily double as a serving buffet for dinner parties—I love what he came up with. He is doing such terrific work if you need any custom pieces! 

Galley Kitchen, Dark Cabinets White Subway Tile // Eastwood Project

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Galley Kitchen

The butlers pantry in the hallway is perfect for hiding, well, junk. You know those pieces you use once or twice a year that take up space? The pieces that you wish you didn’t need but when you need them, you need them. Hide them here. And, The space is finished out with a beverage refrigerator and a custom weathered gray wooden countertop by Dave.

Butlers Pantry Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Here’s the downstairs bedroom. It has access to a porch and is situated in the back of the house directly across the hallway from the bathroom—I would use it as the guest bedroom and stash all my people in the upstairs bedrooms. Hide the messes in life, we’re all good at hiding the messes aren’t we? I’d hide my messes upstairs near the laundry room!Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Here’s the bath I mentioned. That sink is one of my favorite pieces in the house.
Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Somebody won’t like these stairs. I’m not her.
I’ve been thinking about painted stairs and painted runners for a while and this house seemed to invite the idea. Both staircases (to the upstairs and down to the basement/garage) are painted in this style. I like the way it ties the spaces together and creates some continuity in the design. I used red wall lighting from Barn Light in both stairwells, too.

Painted Stair Runner

Red Barn light Electric Lights

And, here’s a close up of the lights. I love their school house collection.

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

The upstairs hallway has an inlaid runner.

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

The lights in the hallway are also Barn Light. I wanted to use just a touch of red here, so I opted for a red/white chevron cord. It’s possible that nobody would notice but it mattered to me, so I went with it. I think what I most love about designing a space is the opportunity to surprise people. In this little pathway, the floor grabs your attention, then the light fixture, and eventually the red in the cord is noticeable—that’s fine with me. Design and details shouldn’t overwhelm you. If you walk in a space and are overstimulated, you will soon dislike the space. I think it’s unavoidable—you’ll feel cramped. I hope to never make you feel cramped. 

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

The master bedroom is at the top of the stairs.

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

And, the master bath is entered through a pocket door.

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Master Bath Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Upstairs living space with second-floor porch—beautiful views of Nashville included. White Paint

From the porch:


Here’s another upstairs bedroom and the hallway bath.

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

The second floor is finished off with a laundry room and another bedroom and hall closet. Overall the house has nice storage space and ample attic space. The garage has room for a generous workspace.

And, finally, here’s the back exterior. The patio space turned out wonderfully—fire pit included and still there are southeastern views from the patio making this sweet little spot perfect for entertaining or for just being. Don’t we all need to slow down and “be” a little more?

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

There’s a little parking spot here to make dragging the groceries in a bit easier—I’m a I-can-carry-it-all-in-one-trip dragger, if that’s you too then know that you were considered in the build of this house. 

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

That’s Eastwood, y’all. It feels so good to be finished. I do hope you like it.








Living In the Light

I get three questions on the regular. When I say regular here’s what I mean: Every. Single. Day. Multiple. Times. A. Day.

  1. When are you going to be finished?
  2. Is the house on the market?
  3. Don’t you want to live there?

Great questions, y’all. Great questions. 

The Eastwood house was never for me—I entertained the idea but I really love my home. My home is one of the most comfortable spaces I’ve ever known. Like a sponge, it soaks up troubles and worries and sets people at ease. I’m in no real hurry to move on from that sort of shelter.

But I feel this itty bitty pull. There is this one thing about the Eastwood house…

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

I want to live in that kind of light. 

Light pours into Eastwood. From every angle, at every turn, light effortlessly rolls through the space. I’m taken with light, smitten with the idea of waking up to that kind of light and living my life in the light. Maybe it’s the morning person in me, maybe it’s the hopeful person in me, maybe it’s the optimist—whatever it is, it’s a force within me.

Here are a few more pictures from earlier this spring.

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

I am not so much attached to the house. It’s just a thing, you know. A possession. Something that has the potential to be destroyed. But the light…

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Eastwood Project // Gather & Build

Do yourself a favor—live in the light as much as you have the chance. 

Heaven help us, we will actually tie a pretty little bow on this project within a week. And then you’re all invited to come take a walk through and celebrate with us—open house details coming soon!



Inside a Beautiful Brooklyn Loft

A fraction of me has always wanted to live in Chicago.

That city is dear to me for many reasons and when I’m there I feel a peculiar fondness that resembles the feeling of being at home, of belonging. If I weren’t in Nashville,  perhaps I’d be Chicago-bound. If so, I’d head straight for Lincoln Park and reinvent myself on its tree-lined streets.

Since this is all hypothetical, let’s also pretend that I have unlimited funds and I’m can afford the most perfect place to live ever. Great.

I’d be hard pressed to find something more perfect than David Karp’s Brooklyn loft. It’s the beautiful work of NYC firm, Gachot, and there’s nothing about it I don’t appreciate. Very much.

So, what I’m saying is I’ll take this Brooklyn loft in Chicago. Thanks.

Take a look.

Karp Tumblr Kitchen

Karp Tumblr Living

Karp Tumblr Master Bedroom

Karp Tumblr Master Bedroom 2

Karp Tumblr Master Bath

(Photos via Gochet)

Let’s make a list of everything we like about this.

The floors. The brick. The lighting. The steel walls. The brass fixtures. The subtle “chicken wire” glass in the kitchen cabinets. The penny round tile + clawfoot tub. The light. The light. The light. This could go on and on.

Have a lovely day,



Friday Update: Life Is Blowing My Mind

This post is way more story-of-my-life, personal stuff so if you only come here for pictures I’ll try and keep it short and sweet.

It’s been a weird week in the nicest way.

Images from the Refresh magazine shoot surfaced on Better Homes and Gardens this week. Here’s a link and a few of my favorite pictures taken by Jeff Herr, who is an absolutely fabulous photographer.
bradford bathroom bhg

bradford bathroom

Bradford Dining Room BHG

June on Porch BHGSide note: It’s weird when someone else styles your house. There’s more stuff in the photos than in my normal day-to-day house but I learned a lot about styling photos, anchoring spaces with color, etc—such a good experience.

A few weeks back I got an invite from HGTV to pitch a few of my favorite projects to their design team. Seriously,is this real? It’s real.

I called my friend Rich and he willingly came over and snagged a few shots of the details at Eastwood—it’s hard to shoot an unfinished unfurnished space but he made it shine. I’m so grateful.

rich k photo // eastwood house

My weekend revolved around multiple trips to FedEx Office and my dining room turned into a workroom. Must build some studio space. 


Which led to these boards. I think Rich captured the house beautifully, particularly since we could only shoot certain angles.


Micah shot the Bradford project for me a year or so ago. His shots are gorgeous, too.

Bradford Avenue Pitch // Gather & Build

I very much feel like God gathered up all the talented, loyal, generous people and said, Here you go. These will be your people. They will help you. You will help them. And I’ll shine through in your work and everything you do. Except when you throw fits. 

Let it be. Let it be.

The meeting went very well. I’m excited about being part of their professional network—more info to come as I learn more about it.

In the midst of getting ready to meet with HGTV, I got an email from a casting agent regarding this show (which has absolutely nothing to do with HGTV):

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 9.10.07 AM

 I mean, what? 


But then I was like, we (me and my fave contractor) should apply. For kicks.

We applied. They emailed. They called. They wanted us to move forward. It was flattering until they said, “You have to leave on March 26 for six weeks and go to an undisclosed location and live with the people you compete against.” Suddenly this felt more like Big Brother than Property Brothers.

Pass. For a lot of good, solid reasons this is not the right fit at the not right time. Maybe something else another time?

Lest it seem glamorous or ridiculous or just too perfect…

In the midst of all this a pipe in my basement burst—nothing like an inch of water in your laundry room to put an HGTV pitch and a casting call in perspective. And, @patsyandjune had to have a “paw wash” like every. single. time. they. went. outside.

Patsy's Paws

Happy Friday, y’all.




I dream of spring. I dream of green.

Winter is winning.

Everything is looking oh-so-dreary, typical winter stuff. But everybody’s in it together, right? We’re all cold. From sea to shining sea we are frigid.

I can handle the cold but what’s sending me over the edge is all this static electricity. If I could banish two things from my life right now, hands down I’d pick static electricity and dry skin. Dry skin and enough static electricity to start a fire are the worst of my problems right now and for that, I am very, very grateful. Things could be much worse. 

Each and every year winter makes me long for spring. In the meantime, I’d settle for something green. Anything green. If everything around you is looking dead, just add green. It’ll bring things to life.

Here are a few images with enough green to make me happy—keeping me hopeful that spring in all its green is just around the corner.

Green Curtains, Reese Witherspoon Ojai Home

House Beautiful

Green Kitchen Cabinets


Caitlin and Caitlin LoftCaitlin and Caitlin

Designed for LifeDesigned for Life

Meanwhile, I’m starting to relate with this kid. So funny!

Stay warm friends!




Eastwood Project Update: Living Room

Oh, hey. We’re still building a house.

If it seems like it’s taking for-ev-er, well, it is.

We paused for a few months to wrap a few other projects. And then, of course, life kicked in with its major developments.

Brad and Nat bought and are completely renovating a historic house, as in, we spent New Years Day scrubbing antique heart of pine flooring with bleach water so that it could be reinstalled. Yeah. For real. I have pictures for you. I spent a Saturday on a 10ft ladder painting at Brooks and Ashley’s “new” historic home in East Nashville. Once they are settled I’ll show you the before and after of their kitchen—it’s crazy.

And we spent the day before Christmas Eve loading a moving truck, packing up some of my favorite people on our planet, the Killingsworths, who have up and moved to Colorado. I hate goodbyes.

Brad is just wrapping up two gorgeous—and I do mean gorgeous—new builds.

Now we’ve decided to pick up where we left off with Eastwood.

And we’re really close to done.

Really close. 

I think this is where I left off with the living room images.

We’ve been aiming for something a little less traditional with the interior. I wanted to create a clean and loft-like feel in the main living + dining area. We opted for no-frills trim work and exposed ceiling—all to be painted a crisp white. The windows. The windows make the difference. If you are renovating or building there’s one place I would urge you to splurge, or at least don’t skimp: windows.

Gather & Build: Eastwood Project, Living Room with Marvin Windows and Sherwin Williams Paint

Gather & Build: Eastwood Project, Living Room with Marvin Windows and Sherwin Williams PaintWhite walls and dark stained floors will always be a classic and beautiful look. Again, we are veering just slightly away from traditional with this project.

I tried a few samples and I really loved the Classic Gray stain. I wanted to pull the trigger on that but with so much hardwood square footage it felt like the wrong move as it is more of a color commitment. And, considering I’m not going to live here, I hate to stick someone else with gray. Weathered Oak has just enough gray/putty undertone without too much color. I’ve worked the classic gray into a wooden countertop. It’s beautiful!

The room fills up with light in such a soothing way. I feel really at ease in the space. I think that’s what we (Amy and Brad) are always striving for when we arrange a house. It’s gratifying when the house feels the way you hoped it would. We’ve moved slowly with this project but the house is better for it—made with love and without cutting corners. What’s that old saying? Time is money? If that’s the case this house is worth a lot. :)

Gather & Build: Eastwood Project, Living Room with Marvin Windows and Sherwin Williams Paint

Gather & Build: Eastwood Project, Living Room with Marvin Windows and Sherwin Williams Paint

Gather & Build: Eastwood Project, Living Room with Marvin Windows and Sherwin Williams Paint


And here’s the exposed ceiling. Love. Love. Love.
Gather & Build: Eastwood Project

So, there you have it. Our progress in the living room thus far. Not much left to do—just a little tile in the floor and a few light fixtures.

I hope you like it!



Bright Idea: Barnlight’s New Lighting Collection



I’m overwhelmed. 

I’m behind on email among a lot of other things.

But I’m not overwhelmed about the projects or my schedule, I’m taking that in stride. I am overwhelmed about an e-mail I’m finally getting around to reading.

I have been staring at this e-mail and I’m overwhelmed by how incredible this line is.

Check it out:

Barn light Electric



This new line and collaboration between Barn Light and Veronica Valencia—it’s fun, happy, striking, and beautiful.  

bl houston-street-soho-sconce-magenta bl houston-street-soho-studio-sherbet bl houston-street-soho-stem-mount-turquoise bl lafayette-street-soho-studio-blushpink

I love everything about this. I thought you would, too.



With Love from Me to You

Merry Christmas

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello: Front Door Decals

I’m not the wall decal type.

Until today.

I stumbled upon this Tasty Suite‘s etsy shop and found these door decals that leave me feeling, well, happy.

Without hesitation I’d spend $7.00 to tack this little greeting to a painted front door. In a heartbeat, y’all. Just one little heartbeat.

Hello, Front Door Decal

And here’s a larger version.

Hello Decal

If nothing else, this is awfully friendly.

And maybe the world could use a little friendly right now.




Gold Rush: Five Favorite Brass Pendant Lights

Confession: When I noticed brass fixtures making a comeback, my first thought was ick. 

I always tell you the truth.

I’ve since come around to the beauty of brass. Brass fixtures are classy meets warm meets old world—that’s my summary. Take a look at the Alhambra Kitchen Project by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design and you’ll see how nicely brass works.

This kitchen is absolutely beautiful but then so is everything Jessica Helgerson does. I challenge you to find something associated with her brand that’s not beautiful. 

Jessica Helgerson, Alhambra Kitchen Project

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.05.21 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.05.33 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.05.58 AM

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.06.19 AMPhoto Credit: Lincoln Barbour

 In the spirit of brassiness, here are five brass fixtures that I hope to use in projects:

Sequestered Cage Pendant, Brass Pendant

Sequestered Cage Pendant

Fargo Stem and Loop Pendant 

Fargo Stem and Loop Pendant


Brass Pendant, School House ElectricFactory Satellite

Isaac Brass Pendant Light, School House Electric

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 7.33.16 AMIsaac Light Pendant

George Brass PendantGeorge

And here’s a chandelier, for good measure. 

Tangled Brass Chandelier, School House ElectricTangled Chandelier

Go for the gold, folks.




Wild Cards: Inside Ace Hotel

Each time I see a picture of an Ace Hotel, whether it be the Portland, NYC, or London or other locations, I think: I like these people. And I could stay with them for a while.


All photos via Ace Hotel.

They’re reframing the business, setting the scene for a brand new way of life in the hotel industry. Boutique hotels are on the rise. And while many of them have wonderful interiors, Ace has managed to create something that feels like home. Something with a strong pulse and and warm personality.

Their philosophy is beautiful. My favorite lines: We are not here to reinvent the hotel, but to readdress its conventions to keep them fresh, energized, human. We accept the hotel as a potential for real, fluid community. We believe that hospitality is compassion, that it is not servility but genuine concern for others’ well-being and the ability to live with empathy. 

Don’t you want to stay there? With all the other empathetic and soulful people. Automatically, I trust everyone who’s associated with Ace Hotels. It seems they’ve got heart. And we all love something with a little heart, don’t we?

Take a look inside .


Ace Hotel Portland

Ace Hotel

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.27.34 AM


Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 7.31.40 AM

Ace Hotel New York

If you’re intrigued, here’s a great article about The Ace Hotel and Roman & Williams, the interior designers behind the NYC Ace.



Seeing Stripes: Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Every Day I'm Hustling PillowThis is how it goes when you build a house: crawl, crawl, crawl, run, run, run. The beginning is exciting with framing and structure. The middle is just “blah” as the changes aren’t always obvious but the final stages are loaded with bang for the buck—tile, paint, stain, countertops, lighting, appliances. Everything comes in one huge dose at the end. And you find yourself hustling. Seriously hustling. We are nearing the end of construction. Every day I’m hustling. (The pillow is the work of Michelle Dwight Designs and is available via Etsy.)

But the end, well, that’s where the details manage to both stand out and work together, telling the story of what we envisioned from the beginning.

Tile is one of my favorite textures in a house so, of course, I use it in large doses where and when appropriate.

Mission Stone Tile is my go-to for tile. Thank you Amber, for being most gracious and so good with details! I met with Amber and told her I wanted to work stripes into the downstairs shower. We pulled a lot of options but in the end I felt that the simplicity of subway tile would best accomplish the feeling I wanted for the space.

Here’s a shot mid-installation (without grout).

photo (24)

I’ve scoured the world wide web for inspiration and here’s the thing about stripes: you can dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, depending on the tile. Stripes work in bold applications and just as nicely in neutral and subtle applications. Take a look at these beautiful spaces—you’ll be seeing stripes in no time!

Gray and White Striped Shower Tile

Lizz Caan

Striped Shower Tile, Lulu Design

Lulu Designs

Striped Shower WallsNew York

Striped BathroomButler Armsden

Contemporary Bath w Green and White Stripe TileAnthony Wilder

Eclectic Striped Bathroom Tile Green Belt Homes

Striped Tile in Shower by Divine KitchensDivine Kitchens

Striped Bathroom Tile Houzz

Sarah Richardson Design Striped Shower Tile

Sarah Richardson Design

Penny round tile is an affordable option. It’s able to be both whimsical and classic. While it’s used as an accent here, I would love to see it in a stripe application.

Penny Round Stripe in BathroomHarry Braswell

Thanks for reading, friends.

I do hope life is treating you kindly.



Etsy: A Few of My Favorite Things

November is hands-down my favorite month.

As best I can tell it’s nearly perfect with boots-and-a-sweater weather and changing leaves. Men grow beards, even if they are no good at it, and there is a tried-and-true commitment to thankfulness. November makes me want to build a fire and make soup. The only thing November lacks is March Madness but I can’t have everything I want, can I?

In honor of favoritism, I’ll share a few items from Etsy shops that I’ve tagged as favorites. 

Do check out these shops!

Dipped Pendant from Typewriter BoneyardTypewriter Boneyard

Watercolor Bird ScreenprintI Screen You Screen

swiss cross throw pillow coverSassy Stitches by Lori

Vintage State Flower Map, Vintage MapOde to June

Modern Kilim Pillow CoverSheepsroad

State Chalkboard Map by Dirtsa StudioDirtsa Studio

Folklore and Fun Cup & SaucerNinainvorm

Screenprinted Tea TowelOh Little Rabbit

Be Brave BannerSecret Holiday Co

 In other news.

Would you look at the stripey leggings? I would completely dress a kiddo in these.

Etsy Baby Leggings by The Little SpoonPhoto from The Little Spoon , credit to Alicia NYE Photography

Because I love you, here’s my favorite song about NovemberSpeaking of men with beards. And a banjo.




Mornings at Eastwood

The Eastwood house is packed with porches.
Eastwood Project by Gather and Build

It’s situated on a hill and faces eastward. There is something about the view that makes me feel as if I’m not in Nashville when I’m inside, much less tucked in a side street between the bustle of 12th South and Belmont Boulevard. Somehow it feels “other.” I can’t explain it but everyone who walks inside understands this and inevitably says, “The view… I don’t feel like I’m in Nashville.”  

Here’s a picture Brad snapped from the one of the living room windows earlier this summer.

Eastwood View

This morning I was up before the sun. While I was out the sun decided to join me so I ran over to Eastwood because I’ve been wondering what sunrise is like from the front porch. Here’s the view from my seat on the top step at 6:40 a.m. 

Nashville Sunrise from Eastwood Avenue I sincerely hope that a morning person gets this house.

It would be a shame to miss this every day.




What Does the Fox Say?

Woodland Creatures—they’re cuter than ever.

I’m into foxes. So are the folks at The Paper Source. Their latest catalog  is loaded with all things foxy. Before we go any farther, are you one of the zillion viewers of this video:  What Does the Fox Say?

Take a look at all this foxiness!

Paper Source Fox GlassesPaper Source

Fox Tea TowelTea Towel

For the kids:

Vintage Modern Boy's Nursery by Niche InteriorsWork of Niche Interiors as seen on Houzz. Print is available here from Sass & Peril

Retro poster - fox, vixen, forest animals - vintage printEmuDesigns on Estsy

Fox Knitting Pattern from EtsyIn case you knit and you’re interested in knitting quite possibly the cutest hat + hood + scarf ever, get the pattern here.

And for grown ups:
Fox Art


I love this fox on the mantle seen on Houzz.

Fox Decor

For your walls:

fox wallpaper

From Pinterest

Holli Zollinger Foxen WallpaperHolli Zollinger

Rosemary Milner Fox Wallpaper

Rosemary Milner

And a foxy Friday to you,



London + John Lewis Home

Have you been to London? It’s everything you want it to be and a little more. I just spent some time there and it was time well spent—such a lovely place. Here are a few snapshots from my trip.

London + Italy

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 9.12.13 AM

Screen shot 2013-09-26 at 9.17.47 AM

Being the magazine junky that I am I grabbed a home decor magazine for the flight home and tucked inside I discovered the John Lewis Home Catalog. Aside from noticing the quality of paper and the binding (the marketer in me was quite impressed), I thought it was such a beautiful catalog. Immediately felt the I-wish-I’d-seen-this-two-weeks-ago pang. I guess I’ll just have to return to London and visit the store.

Here are a few shots from the John Lewis Catalog.



I’m loving the whole warm and cozy vibe.photo_2



And, this bunny pillow—I like it.

John Lewis Home


And then for those of who love a cheery space:photo_4


John Lewis Home Catalog

Samuel Johnson said, “Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” I just might agree with him.



Whitewashed Wood Floors: Yes or No?

Obsessed. I’m officially obsessed with white. It’s nearly clinical.

This is not new information. For the Bradford project, we whitewashed the master bath floors.

Master Bath Whitewashed Floor: Gather & Build


It was trial and error—we sanded the first attempt away and felt better about the second attempt. Whitewashing can be tricky. I wasn’t so sure about the results but decided to live with it and it has grown on me. There are some new techniques and products for white washing and I can’t lie, I’ve considered whitewashing the floors at Eastwood.

Imagine this space, painted white with whitewashed floors. Do you like that idea?

If you could also pretend that this photo wasn’t taken on one of the zillion rainy/overcast days we’ve had this summer that would be great—a little sunshine to brighten things up.

Eastwood Project: Gather & Build


The verdict is out but here’s some inspiration:

Whitewashed Wood FloorMarjon Hoogervorst

Wide Plank Whitewashed by DinesenDinesen

Whitewashed pine wood floorsI Heart Pine

Whitewashed wood floorsla maison d’ anna g

Whitewashed Oak FloorsPlastolux

White Washed FloorJennifer Banes

To tell the truth, I wonder if whitewashing the floors will turn people off? Some lucky body will live in this house—if we do it right maybe they won’t be able to resist whitewash? Sometimes you have to show people what they like and maybe this is one of those times. What to do, what to do…

Thanks for reading—you all are loyal.



Etsy Art: One thought. Six interpretations.

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Is that the nicest thing you’ve heard all day or what?

This sweet thought penned by Roald Dahl, who wrote wonderful children’s books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, is all truth. 

Maybe this hits home and you want a little reminder for your walls?

I’ve found six interpretations via Etsy. Each credit below the image links straight to the Etsy page where you can check out the artist’s work.  Nab your own print if you wish!

GabriJoyStudios, If you think good thoughtsGabri Joy Studios

Always Look Lovely Print
Petit Ink

11x14 Roald Dahl Print Kensie Kate

Always look lovely . Poster printStyle Dahlia

Think good thoughts, always look lovely print.Honey and Fizz

Honey and Fizz screen printed the quote onto a linen banner. Suddenly I adore Honey and Fizz.

Love. This.

If you think good thoughts always look lovely quote on bannerHoney and Fizz Banner

There’s a lot of truth to this, even if it’s a sugary thought. What’s on the inside has a way of working it’s way to the surface, for better or worse. Let’s all be lovely, okay?



Ellen’s Santa Monica Ranch

My sister and I are serious Ellen fans. We DVR the show and watch it almost every day after work. She’s funny and outright kind—my favorite combo.

Confession: Deep down we have this far-fetched hope that Patsy Cline & June Carter will end up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, considering she loves animals so much. I mean, we’re not sure how that will happen but we feel like they are our only hope.

Did you see her Santa Monica Ranch from the May issue of Elle Decor? It is a beauty—a merger of sophistication and rustic charm.

The 26-acre property hosts 8 cabins and a horse barn—even the barn is beautiful.


Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.06.24 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.06.54 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.07.23 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.08.39 AM
Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.10.02 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.09.25 AM

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.10.33 AM


Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 10.11.03 AM

Check out Elle Decor for all the details and more pictures.

And, about The Ellen Show. Here’s one of my favorite Ellen pranks: Dennis Quaid needs a jump. 

Hope your Monday is bright,




Pendant, Pendant In the Hall: 14 Great Hallways and Pendants

How many hallways have been overlooked? Who can count?  In the grand scheme of decorating a home it’s easy to bypass the hallway because, after all, its something to be passed through.

My hallway is one of my favorite spots in my entire house. I love hallways. 

Bradford Avenue Hallway

Bradford Avenue Hallway Yellow Lights are Barn Light Electric.

Because of this, I am convince every hallway has potential. Do you remember what that hallway looked like? Here’s the before picture. 

We’re working to give the Eastwood hallway a personality. Brad and I measured and made room for a bit of pattern to be laid into the floors. Now we need a few pendants to finish the space. That calls for a bit of inspiration.

Take a look at 14 beautifully executed hallways and the pendants that set them apart.

Moroccan Pendant in HallLonny

Hallway PendantThe Anderson Studio

paper lanterns in hallway

John Maniscalco Architecture

Modern Gold Red Hallway PendantA Good Chick to Know

Hallway PendantsROMAN LEONIDOV

White Hallway with Pendant LightingMuskoka Living

Drum Pendants in HallwayHeavy On the Veggie

Large Drum Pendant HallwayMaterial Girls

Hallway LightingAttic Mag

Woven Pendants in HallwayElle (France)

White Hallway with Shell PendantsMy Ideal Home

I found these images featuring pendants at different heights. Love this look!

Fun Hallway PendantsThomas Shafer Architects

Pendant Lights at Various LengthsCWB Architects

Pendants at Various HeightsSB Architects

 Here’s my lighting board on Pinterest if you’re in need of pendants. Or a little more inspiration.

Thanks for reading! Which one of these hallways do you like?



Eastwood Project: Instagram Update

We are busy with the Eastwood Project in the best way. Most of the big decisions are made and now we watch it come together as we work toward a late September early October finish. This really is the good part.

What’s been going on:

Tile selections. Paint selections.

I’m crazy about this happy penny round. Can’t wait to see it in its full application.

Gather and Build: Eastwood Project Update

I’m tracking down details.

Preservation Station is my go-to for the details I love. Julia and her team are helpful and when I say, What if I took this and…. they usually take that idea and make it better.
Gather and Build: Preservation Station

Brad is keeping everything moving with the construction. 

Drywall is up.
Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 10.12.35 AM

Hardwoods are down.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 10.12.23 AM

Cabinets are ordered.

Gather and Build: Kitchen Cabinets

The home inspectors approve.

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 10.11.59 AM

Patsy Cline and June Carter are completely paws-on for this project. They think they are construction dogs now. Soon enough they’ll be wanting to ride around in the back of Brad’s truck as he moves around from job site to job site.

All the while, Patsy has assumed the role of creative director for the project. I can’t bring myself to tell her she’s actually my assistant.
Gather and Build: Creative Director

Follow G&B on Instagram if you wish!

Have a happy weekend.




Amazing Space: Ten Churches Converted Into Homes

Let’s talk about conversions. And not in the biblical sense.

I’m fascinated by the idea of transforming a church into a residential space, whether condos or a single-family home. I think the greatest challenge would be finding balance. I find these buildings to hold a history of reverence and it would be a challenge to make the most of the architectural elements and at the same time “un-church” it. 

Below are pics from around the web (and the world) of homes that once held congregations.

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 9.01.16 AM

church converted to home

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 9.01.51 AM


Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 9.05.30 AM

Church converted to house


Church Remodeled to House

Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 9.08.41 AM


Harrison Hyde Architects Church HouseFrench by Design (Architect: Harrison Hyde Architects)

Fish Creek Church House, Grand DesignsFish Creek Church House

church loft chicagoRate My Space

Converted church into a residence Utrecht, the NetherlandsZecc Architects


Church Converted Into HouseFrom Bagnata Architects

Church Converted into

Toronto Church CondoToronto Life

While I love the white interiors and the windows I am not so sure I could go for it.

Could you live in a church?



The Look for Less + a Giveaway

Compare and despair—I live by that motto. My friend, Melissa, brought that catchy little reminder into my life years ago and it serves me well keeping me out of the comparison trap and in my right mind. She also says, “do the next right thing” which is some of the best advice I’ve ever been given.

So here’s the next right thing for you:

Check out Kirkland’s.

We all love a deal. We all love to find the piece that fills in our decorating gaps. Kirkland’s contacted me regarding a sponsored post and after a few minutes perusing their site, I broke my rule and started to compare: they have the look for less.

Kirkland’s gave me a couple $25 gift cards and I’m going to pass them along to two lucky winners.

Here’s my roundup—the things I found at Kirkland’s that can help you accomplish “the look” you’re trying to achieve for much less:


Let’s start with lighting.

The French Cork Lamp is regularly $79.99 but is on sale right now for $59.99 and so is the Rope Twist Table Lamp.  It’s regularly $59 is on sale for $49.

The Look for Less // Glass Lamp


The Look for Less // Rope Lamps

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Check out these mirrors! At the moment the regularly priced distressed Cream Sadie Arch Mirror is on sale for $127.49 while the Red Geo Mirror is on sale for $29

The Look for Less  // Mirrors

The Look for Less // Red Geometric Mirror

Now on to Seating

I like variety in the chairs around a dining table. If you want to add texture with wicker, Kirkland’s has a steal for you! Take a look at the Seabrook Wicker Accent Chair. Kirkland’s Francis Wicker Bench would look at the foot of a bed or in your foyer. The Brown Parsons Chair is comparable to Pottery Barn’s Grayson Side Chair.

Wicker Side Chair // Look for Less

 Wicker Bench // Look for Less


Look for Less: Chairs

 If you’re into quirky rustic cabinets the Sheldon Rustic Wood Cabinet might be right for you.

Look for Less


And for the entertainers

Kirkland’s Glass Drink Dispenser comes in at twenty dollars less than a similar dispenser from Crate & Barrel!

Glass Drink Dispensers // Look for Less

I have two giftcards worth $25—who wants one?

You can safely enter to win here (all we need is an email address to enter—we’ll contact you!):

a Rafflecopter giveaway




Bold to Beautiful: Eight Bright Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

I’m not a huge fan of traditional bathroom cabinet/vanity combos.

Reason one: I grew up with a pedestal sink. Reason two: It’s so normal.

I think it’s no big deal to use alternative storage.

I have an antique dresser in my bathroom where I store make up, hairdryers, brushes, etc. I painted an old buffet that now holds jewelry, medicine and hair products I never use.

Like this. This is such an Amy move:

Dresser in BathroomPanageries

I just don’t care about cabinets under the sink. Brad (the contractor) tells me that’s not practical. I bet he didn’t grow up with pedestal sinks. I bet he was a cabinet/vanity kid.

This week we’re ordering cabinets for the Eastwood project.

I’ve convinced him that we should go for something different in the downstairs bath. And he’s convinced me to do cabinetry upstairs. It’s all a game of collaboration and compromise, friends. But we agree that we should do something fun for the “kids” bathroom upstairs. We’re looking for bold and different–a splash of color.

From modern and minimalistic to traditional, here are eight bathrooms that have my creative juices flowing.

 Yellow Bathroom CabinetsApartment Therapy

Yellow Cabinets in BathroomNew York Times , (Photo Credit: Matthew Millman for The NYT)

green bathroom vanityScott Lyon & Company

Red Bathroom VanityHouzz

Teal Bathroom Vanitypaper blog

Bright Blue Bathroom VanityMartha Stewart

dark blue vanityJones Design Build

blue bathroom vanityAvenue B

Tell me what you do.

Are you a traditionalist or does your space allow you to do something different? And, what do you think of color on the cabinetry?

Like or dislike?



Flying High: Airplane Garland

Let me shoot straight with you. I do not need airplane garland.

I don’t have a little boy’s room to freckle with paper airplanes.

But I want to.

Let me clarify: I want to make paper airplanes. I do not want to walk in my front door today to find I’ve been given a four year old. As much as I love the four year olds of the world, I would have no idea what to do first. I guess we’d start making planes.

Who’s got a little boy in need of a little whimsy in his room?

I’m game for folding paper with you. I think we need a little fishing twine and paper to pull this off without a hitch.

Paper Airplane GarlandAs seen on Ruffled

Paper Airplane GarlandStyle Me Pretty

The photos here are from the credited blogs. I hope you’ll take time to read about how they used paper planes! I also hope you’re having a lovely day.




Be Our Guest: Today’s Post Is at Better Homes and Gardens!

Big news!

Patsy Cline and I are so very happy to be hanging out today as guest bloggers on the Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotters Blog. As you can see below, Patsy is happy about the opportunity. Her sister, June Carter, could not participate due to a bad hair cut. Fur real, y’all.

Patsy and I have posted a few shots from around our house—tips for decorating with flea market finds.

BHG Style Spotters Blog



decorating with vintage


Hop on over to BHG Style Spotters for the whole post.





Eastwood Project Update


I’m pretty sure the last Eastwood image I shared was that of some decking and framing. Yes, I just checked. It’s true. So much has this update. 

By all means, let me catch you up to speed.

Framing, siding, roofing, and a whole lot of porches. The view. The view is officially ridiculous. I keep thinking I’ll get up early and catch a sunrise. I also keep thinking I’ll learn to make pasta from scratch. So there’s that. 

But here’s this:

Eastwood as of yesterday.
Eastwood Project Progress


I love all the light that’s coming into the house. Thanks to Marvin Windows.

Screen Shot Gather & Build: Eastwood Project ProgressThis is the galley kitchen. I’m standing at one end looking toward the exterior kitchen door which leads to a “eat-in porch.”

Screen Shot 2013-0Gather & Build: Eastwood Project Progress


A little earth work happening at the back door. Essentially, he’s making a back yard. Gather & Build: Eastwood Project Progress, Back Door

I love a white house but as we all know, there are 1.2 zillion shades of white.

I grabbed my Sherwin Williams colors and settled on Dover White.  A few minutes later I decided to zip over to the house with paint swatches in hand—for good measure, of course.
Gather & Build: Eastwood Project Progress, Marvin Windows



Yes. Dover White wins.

Gather & Build: Eastwood Project Progress, Sherwin Williams PaintNext phase is all good stuff—cabinets, flooring, drywall, paint, and lighting.

Thanks for giving me a minute to catch you up!



A Perfect Wedding Gift: Wedding Vows Print

Do you know about Lindsay Letters? If not, you’re missing out. Lindsay runs a charming and sweet stationary shop filled with beautifully hand-lettered prints.

In honor of friends Jim and Elsa, who are getting married this evening, I thought I’d share a little print I happened upon that will probably be my go-to wedding gift from this day forward. As long as I shall live.

Here’s her Southern Wedding Vows print.

Lindsay Letters Southern Wedding Vows


Lindsay Letters Southern Wedding Vows

Lindsay Letters Southern Wedding Vows


I also love her Unity print from The Book of Common Prayer.

Unity Prayer from Lindsay Letters


Happy Wedding Day to my sweet friends, Jim & Elsa!

And Happy Weekend to you!




Quick and Easy Mantle Makeover

Betsy’s mantle seemed un-Betsy to me. Actually, it was just the painting. I didn’t dislike it, I just couldn’t place it in what I know of Betsy.

Here’s the deal.

Her husband’s grandmother painted and Betsy has several of her paintings. And in walks the tension: this isn’t really my style but I don’t want to get rid of it.

At the risk of seeming insensitive, I want to let all of you off the hook. You do not have to keep the painting your great aunt painted on your mantle—you can put it in the least trafficked room, it’s okay.

And, while we’re talking about this: you do not have to keep the china you haven’t used in ten years, your mother might gasp but you could get rid of it… 

Aside from the picture of four awesome children, Betsy’s mantle didn’t really say much about Betsy. She is simple and comfortable and loves all things old—chippy furniture, mason jars and quilts. Lots of quilts.

Mantle Before

So we used what she had and added a few things and made it feel more like her with a few simple changes. It will continue to evolve as all mantles do but here’s phase one.
Mantle After

Here’s what we used:

Betsy had this section of a quilt top and wanted to use it somehow. We used a staple gun and wrapped it around a canvas from Michaels. Of course, if she wants to add a frame later, she can easily pop the canvas into a frame.

Quilt Top

Paper Flowers from West Elm which are on sale right this minute. You could also make these with a few small branches from any tree in your yard, some tissue paper and a hot glue gun. 

Here’s some inspiration from West Elm’s blog:

West Elm Paper Flowers

West Elm Paper Flowers

We grabbed the plate from the sale table at Anthropologie along with a couple classic novels with revamped covers.

Anthropologie Classic Book

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 7.35.36 AM


Here’s an older post of my mantle in progress. And it looks like this today.

Thanks for reading!