About Gather & Build

Gather & Build is a boutique design and construction collaborative, creating one-of-a-kind homes in Nashville, Tenn.

About the blogblog-side

The Gather and Build blog is lifestyle blog focusing on the home. We’ll feature the occasional terrific recipe or vacation spot but we stick to inspiring homes and the elements inside them. We also use this blog to share the projects we are working on and the stories that spring from that work.

Whether you’re gathering inspiration to dress a bed or paint your walls, I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for to build the perfect wardrobe for your home here. Enjoy.

About Amy

amy-patsyI was born in a small town—sort of like John Cougar Mellencamp—and have since made my home in Nashville, Tenn. I’ve spent the past ten years working in the publishing industry as a copywriter and marketing strategist. Once I was a copy editor, which is entirely different than being a copywriter. I thought I would die of it and found it to be a worse fate than working in the cotton fields of my youth. In addition to writing this blog, I work as a freelance writer for publications like Better Homes and Gardens where I get the joy of telling true stories of fabulous homes and people.

At Gather and Build, I work as a the designer on our projects where I obsess over everything from tile to wallpaper to light fixtures. My knack for finding unique elements for home installations means keeping my contractor on his toes. I enjoy a limited number of consulting appointments.

You can email me at I’d love to hear what you’re working on or what you’re looking for—I might be able to help.

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How is Gather & Build different?

We have a different definition for custom. In the industry custom tends to translate “you choose your paint colors, finishes, and floor plan.” In our world, custom means that we don’t build the same house twice. We are willing to go back to the drawing board with architects time and time again because every home should be as unique as the people it shelters. At Gather & Build we would much prefer to do extraordinary work for a few than cookie-cutter houses for many.

What do you mean by collaborative?

Gather & Build works with a variety of highly respected professionals in the industry who share a passion for thoughtful design. If you need a recommendation for anything from an electrician to a realtor, message me. I’ll share.

What color are the gray walls in the Bradford project?

Sherwin Williams, Repose Gray

What kind of dogs do you have?

Patsy Cline and June Carter are goldendoodles.

Where did you find the floors in the Bradford project?

The reclaimed wood floors are the work of Woodstock Vintage Lumber. I am also a fan of Elmwood.